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A letter from Rev David Edwards, Vicar of Yardley dated June 1970

                                      Yardley Vicarage
                                              Vicarage  Road
                                                             Birmingham 33

                            Dear Fellow-Resident,

                                                                                        We enjoyed a very successful and interesting meeeting in February,

                            when our City Engineer and Surveyor, Mr Neville Borg, came and told a Parish Meeting

                            something of what would be involved in the recent designation of Old Village of Yardley

                            as a Conservation Area under the Civic Amenities Act, 1967.

                                                            At the end of that meeting it was agreed that I should summon a

                            meeting of all interested local ressidents during the summer, in order to see if we could

                            form a Yardley Cinservation Society, to co-operate with the City Council in it's plans to

                            preserve the old village and if possible, to make suggestions to the local authority  as to

                            what we think should be  done with the houses and land in the area.

                                                            I am writing to invite you to come to ameeting to discuss the
                            formation of such a Yardley Conservation Society, to be held in our Senior Church Hall,

                            School lane, on Tuesday 9th at 8.00 pm

                                                             If we work together on this,  I am sure that we shall be able

                            to preserve our lovely old village as a haven of peace and charm for future generations,

                            and also a pleasant place for people to live in at the moment.

                                                                                        Yours sincerely

                                                                                               David Edwards

                                                                                                    Vicar of Yardley

                Report of a meeting held in Yardley Parish Church Senion Hall  on Tuesday 9th June 1970

About 97 local residents were present

The Vicar of Yardley, the Rev D. A. Edwards took the chair, and explained that
the aim of the meeting was to consider the formation of  a Yardley Consrervation
He outlined some of the more important remarks made by Mr Neville Borg at a
Parish Meeting in the Trust School on 17th February 1970, in which Mr Borg
explained the meaning of Conservation. He also read a letter from Mr Borg dated
8th June, in which Mr Borg expressed his keen interest in the  ideae of a Yardley
Conservation Society

The meeting then agreed unanimousley that a Yardley Conservation Society should
be immediately formed, and proceeded to pass the following five rules, some
unanimously, others by large majorities

1. The Society shall be known as The Yardley Conservation Society

2. The object of the Societyshall be to co-operate wherever possible with the City
Council in the implementation of the Civic Amenities Act1967, especially as it relates
to the Old Yardley Conservation Area, and adjacant areas

3. The Officers of the Society shall be -
                   A Chairman
                   An Honorary Secretary
                   An Honorary Treasurer
                   plus four other Committee members

4. A membership subscription of 5 shillings per member, 2 shillings and six pence for
old age pensioners, shall be charged for the first year, and this shall be reviewed at
the end of the first twelve months

5. The Society shall meet at least twice a year, and one of these meeting may be the
Annual General Meeting. The AGM shall be held shortly after Easter each Year.

The following officers were then unanimously elected -
Chairman - The Rev D.A. Edwards
Hon Secretary - Miss Ruth Ducrow
Hon Treasurer - Mr F. Drake
Committe members - Mrs P. Pritchard
                              Mr Banks
                              Miss Foden
                              Mr David Frasier

A general discussion was then held on matters of common interest, and the meeting
closed at 9.45pm

Majorpoints of concern  included, the City Council's intentions with regard to
the original scheme to widen Church Road, and the parking of cars in School Lane.

It was agreed that the Chairman should contact Mr Borg and his asstant,
Mr R.W. Johnson, at the earliest opportunity.

David A Edwards

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